Don J. O'Rourke & Associates, Ltd.
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Washington Storage

Washington, Louisiana

The Entire Town of Washington, Louisiana is an historical district. The site for this new building is on the right just as you enter Washington and is the very first building in sight. We did not put “pen-to-page” for this simple building until we were satisfied with our research in reference to context. After multiple design charrettes within the office where we reviewed existing features and sketches of existing historical Washington buildings, the simple expression of the “functional shed” manifested itself as the basis for the aesthetic form.

Our design team proceeded with the intent of creating a building which will serve as the Maintenance Storage Building functionally, while fitting within the historical context. The exterior finish will be durable and economical lap siding that mimics the wood lap siding currently on so many other buildings throughout the area. The central storage area is the longest and tallest portion allowing the storage of taller equipment and implements. The adjacent spaces rest under lean-to roofs and are reminiscent of how later additions to the main structure were constructed as spatial needs arose. The structure will be painted white with accent door and shutters to match much of the existing architecture in Washington.

The interior will have natural light from clerestory windows as well as overhead lighting for early morning or night-call requirements. The remaining interior finishes will be utilitarian in nature: painted plywood sheathing and shelving, overhead and wall mounted structural pieces for pulleys, and other such pieces needed for maintenance purposes. The adjacent spaces will serve to store records for the office and maintenance staff.

This building is still in the design/construction document phase, but the exterior aesthetic has been solidified as depicted. Our design incorporates principles that have been passed on for many generations while folding in new materials and processes for quicker and safer construction. Traditional style, traditional and modern materials, traditional and modern construction, all of these yield a building that provides for the needs of the client and is respectful to the historic context