Don J. O'Rourke & Associates, Ltd.
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Teche Electric Supply Co.

Broussard, Louisiana

Teche Electric Supply Company, Inc. has been a client of our firm since the design and construction of their first warehouse and distribution center on Eraste Landry Road. Many additions, expansions, and relocations have occurred since the first building, and though aesthetics are important, they were not the foremost guiding principal. We adhered to a modest and tasteful exterior design. As a showroom of light fixtures and a warehouse of electrical parts, the most important goal was to showcase the product and have the building serve the purpose of housing and supporting this merchandise.

Our firm was tasked with creating a utilitarian and functional space in a new location. However, we proposed that the building showcase several of the light fixtures in a “while-in-use” scenario. This idea offers a salesperson the ability to showcase specific fixtures to clients so they can visualize that particular experience. The second level of the building has windows from which larger hanging fixtures are showcased and can be seen from the exterior. Exterior accent lighting, emergency lighting, flood lighting, and interior lighting in combination with a wide variety of fixtures on different switches can be combined so that clients can see which would work best in their space.

The final result is a distinct building with details where they matter, such as a leaning façade wall, modern awnings, and a chain drainage system on site formed concrete pillars. Though these design elements create an exterior expression intended to invite clientele, the most important design factor remained the product, the sales staff, and their clients. The building simply serves our client’s specific functions of housing equipment, material, and merchandise for sale. It serves as a meeting space for clients in a showroom which presents them with the realistic application of potential lighting choices. With the use of products being the true aim of the program, the building becomes the backdrop upon which the product is displayed and not the product of display.