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Louisiana Swamp Base Talk at One Acadiana

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the One Acadiana council meeting held at the new UL Lafayette Student Union. I listened to the presentation on the new high adventure scout camp that is based in our beautiful Atchafalaya Swamp. The name of the camp is the Louisiana Swamp Base.

The camp was created as a way for the Evangeline Area Council to celebrate the Boy Scouts of America’s centennial back in 2010. As an Eagle Scout and resident of Acadiana, this is very exciting. Not only will the Louisiana Swamp Base be a great high adventure camp for the Scouts at the local, regional, and national level, but provide great exposure to the Acadiana area and why it is important to protect and preserve this vital natural resource we take for granted in our own backyard.

Currently, the Swamp Base has a 5-day, 61 mile trek for high adventure scouts beginning at Bayou Courtableau and ends at Myette Point around the Lake Fosse Point area. During this trek, scouts learn about the Atchafalaya ecosystem by paddling through the swamp, stopping at designated camping sites, and participating in many activities that include airboat rides, fishing and trapping lessons, conservation techniques, and wildlife observations. There are plans for new trek offerings in the future that will challenge even the most seasoned scout.  

The presentation also covered the organization’s plan to expand and create a permanent base camp station in the Atchafalaya Swamp just south of I-10. The proposed design of the new first class facility is being headed up by Architects Southwest here in Lafayette. The permanent facility would allow for the Louisiana Swamp Base to grow and be available to Boy Scouts, special needs groups, private organizations, and research groups.

Check out Louisiana Swamp Base’s website for details and follow them on their social media sites.

-Jared Petitjean