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The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)

Cocodrie, Louisiana

“The LUMCON W. J. DeFelice Marine Center is located in Cocodrie, La., approximately 85 miles southwest of New Orleans. It is situated in the heart of the estuarine wetland complex of the Mississippi River deltaic plain, between two active distributaries - the Atchafalaya River and the Mississippi itself. This site provides ready field access to the most productive estuaries in the United States, including vast salt, brackish and freshwater marshes, barrier islands, and offshore environments of the northern Gulf of Mexico. 

The Marine Center is a modern, 75,000 square foot complex of research, instructional, housing, and support facilities completed in 1986. The Center includes 26,000 net usable square feet of laboratory, classroom, office, and library space. Eight laboratories are equipped with running sea water. Six additional laboratories are reserved for dry applications and instrumentation and are used for both research and teaching. A network of micro-computers and peripherals link users throughout the Center. Access to mainframe computers on the campuses of Consortium member institutions is provided via a T1 link 

Dormitory rooms and five apartments provide housing for up to 80 persons and are available for use by students, visiting investigators, and instructors. A cafeteria/ general meeting room is situated in the center of the complex, linking the housing and research/ instructional spaces. A 99-seat auditorium facilitates teaching activities, presentation of seminars, and the convening of conferences... 

With its observation tower that rises 65 feet above the ground, the Marine Center is a striking feature on the flat marsh landscape. This 75,000-square foot building and the neighboring maintenance center, together sit on over 800 pilings, each 120 feet long. The Marine Center was designed with ample protection from hurricane flooding and winds - the main floor is elevated 18 feet above mean sea level, the exterior is constructed to withstand wind gusts of up to 250 miles per hour, and the laboratories are centrally located within the building.” 

Excerpted from LUMCON webpage.

Today, the LUMCON facility is an integral part of Louisiana Universities education, research, and environmental monitoring.